• TOTAL COINS: 22,622,250
  • MARKET CAP: $258,291,801.60
  • 1 HC:
  • 11.42 USD
  • 9.74 EUR
  • 702.78 RUB
  • 72.89 CNY
  • 0.00150861 BTC

What is hexxo?

Hexxo is a privacy-centric digital currency service for making instant transactions. Based on Bitcoin software, Hexxo uses a 2-tier network to provide a variety of improvements. Similar to cash, you can remain anonymous as you make transactions.

With Bitcoin, transactions are published to the blockchain, allowing you to see who initiated and received the funds. Hexxo takes a different approach. Through the use of anonymization technology, it's impossible for transactions to be traced. This is essential for one key reason: the blockchain is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, which is a significant drawback for those don't want their transaction history and balances to be publicly available.



With Hexxo, you can keep your payments private so nobody can track you. Your transactions and balances are your business, and there's no reason this information should be shared with others. With our anonymization technology, only you have access to your financial information. And that's the way it should be.



Thanks to the use of InstantX technology, payments are received almost instantly by the other party. You never again have to wait for processes or other people to complete a transaction. It's fast and efficient.



Security is never a concern with Hexxo. Through the use of advanced encryption and a 2-tier network, every transaction is 100 percent safe and secure from start to finish. Best yet, this holds true no matter where you and the other party are located. We're a global company.


Low Fees

Are you tired of paying bank and credit card fees? Is this cutting into your profit? Hexxo's fees are much lower than traditional banks and credit cards, helping you save on every transaction. In some cases, transactions are even free!